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ACCAI Asociacion Comunidad Consciente y de Atencion Integral

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Conscious Community Association and Integral Attention

On Saturday, June 17th we had the priviledge of bringing a bit of fun to the senior citizens.

This activity was made possible thanks to the joint work of ACCAI and ADI (Asociacion de Desarrollo Integral de Brasilito). Our goal was to create a safe space where our elders would have time to socialize and have fun at the same time at no cost at all. There were games, prizes, food and dancing!

We would like to thank all relatives of the participants and those who helped to make this possible.

A big thank you to Deli Cafe cafeteria and Patagonia Del Mar restaurant for the delicious refreshments, thanks to them our golden citizens enjoyed an exquisite coffee and pastries.

#we together are a conscious community!

On Saturday, June 24th our teens had a space where they expressed artistically their thoughts of ACCAI and what this program means to them. We then exhibit all drawings and they decided which one they like the best and the winner got a delicious milkshake, which thanks to Deli Cafe we get to give out every Saturday!

ACCAI is an initiative designed to stimulate the potential and creative capacity of adolescents through artistic expression, access to education, and the practice of physical and sports activities aimed at personality development, teamwork and health care.

Support and/or reinsertion of young people in the formal education system is encouraged, opportunities for guidance and mentoring are created, and tools are offered for future job placement. This accompaniment is complemented by material assistance to support the activities of adolescents, which contributes to the development of their autonomy.

  • Encouragement of participation and support of activities.

  • Guidance and individual and group accompaniment.

  • Support for sustaining formal schooling.

  • Accompaniment to the development of autonomy

  • Guidance and support in comprehensive health care

  • Promotion of healthy habits

  • Attention to different situations of violation of rights.

It's very important for us to be aware of the feelings and emotions our teens are going through in our program and for us to leave a mark in their lives. That is our goal, to make a change, to offer a safe and pleasant space for the youth.

Below is an image of Nerling who made this beautiful drawing!

Thanks to our volunteers hard work and excellent coaching our teens are receiving pickleball practice every Saturday, and they are getting really good at it! We cannot thank Kathie Roberts enough and her team of volunteers for leading this space so important for our youth and that they appreciate so much.

Also from behalf of the pickleball team, our kids have received tennis shoes for their practices. Their faces of happiness and gratitude were priceless! We feel so fortunate to have members of our community and visitors with such a good heart that wishes to support our youth. A big thank you to the pickleball team!

And so we came to a two-week break from school. As part of our farewell, on Friday, June 30th we prepared a movie night for our teens. Together we laughed and enjoyed the movie "School of Rock", while eating popcorn with some drinks and cookies.

Thank you Perry Carlile for donating and preparing the pop corn.

July 1st. Beach Party time! We ended this first phase of our program with tons of fun at the beach. Our teens played volleyball, had some boogie boarding fun, played other games, had ice cream, drinks, fruit, big bag of candies and lunch and most importantly they all connected with each other.!

As always we wish to thank our volunteers, Dione Prior, Kristin, Ej, Kathie, Federico, Chelsey, Dra. Navarro, Chuck, Ruth, Meisel, and other parents who are always so supportive to us.

On Saturday, July 22nd we had our first Bingo game benefiting ACCAI. It was held at Perla's and was filled with fun, winners and most importantly people with great hearts. Thanks to the Pickleball team, Kathie Roberts and John Moore for helping us make this possible, Angelina's Restaurant, Amigos Tacos & Beer, Canatico Pizzeria Bar & Grill, to Jeff Goode for being our Bingo Host and Kristin Coffey for your great support.

We would also like to thank all of the people who attended and collaborated one way or another, we managed to raise $1107!!

Our English Hotel Vocabulary 10 week course

One of the ways to encourage relationships between members of an organization is through courses or training.

The trainings allow the employees of the different departments and sectors of the companies to get to know each other and frequent each other in learning moments. It is also an excellent opportunity to bring employees closer to employers. These two factors improve the work environment, generate stronger relationships between members of the company, and create a lasting feeling of belonging to the company.

We believe that employees with more skills. are happier and more proactive.

We just started a 10 week English Hotel Vocabulary course thanks to 360 Splendor Del Pacifico Residences that care so much for their employees and their personal growth that are bringing this course so they obtain/or improve English skills to provide better care to their guests and communicate better.

Thanks to all our sponsors and volunteers.

ADI Brasilito

La Marina Foundation

Deli Cafe

360 Splendor Del Pacifico Residences

Angelina's Restaurant

Amigos Tacos & Beer

Canatico Pizzeria Bar & Grill

Pura Vida French Touch

Rancho Costafalo

Joe and Jeanne Gillen

Laboratorio Clinico Navarro y Alpizar Flamingo

Chuck and Kathie Roberts

John Moore

Jeff Goode

Ron Kirchhoff

Dione Prior

Perry Carlile

Andrea and Russel King

Chelsey Santry






Federico Robledo

Ej Avey

Tammy Walker

Kristin Coffey

Sincerely Erika & Karen

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